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I have been performing on the road in bands and ensembles of various sizes and instrumentation for over 20 years. I've recorded in several major recording studios and my love of sitting behind a recording console, learning the equipment, engineering and producing began with the first session. It wasn't long until  I booked my first project producing a local songwriter. We tracked on a 48 channel console with a host of outboard gear and I began developing a list of talented session musicians that I call on to assist in embellishing the songs. 








SpinZer0music is my music library.  I compose a hybrid of diverse musical genres from Pop, RnB, Americana and EDM to Ambient Cinematic in a wide selection of moods.  You will also find tracks from my CD projects in various versions

I have featured examples on the "SpinZer0music Licensing" page of this site. It would be my honor to have you give a listen and contact me with inquiries about pieces that may be a fit for your TV or film production, commercial, Documentary, Gaming project or Corporate brand.

Currently, I have a studio, SongMill, with some nice equipment where I primarily record demos and provide pre-production services for Singer/Songwriters. SongMill operates on an "in-the-box" format... ProTools, Logic, an isolation booth, an assortment of ribbon, dynamic and condenser mics, a UAD Apollo interface, a wide assortment of plugins and virtual instruments, a StudioLogic weighted keyboard, a vast library of samples and loops, a handful of acoustic and electric guitars, boutique amplifiers, a pair of Genelec near field monitors and my old but reliable Yamaha NS-10's. 

.My approach to artistic creation is deliberate and honest.  As a producer, I instinctively strive to reach for the true emotion in the delivery of the song....because the song is what it's all about. 


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Acoustic Hybrid . Americana

Neo Folk. 

Cinematic Ambient . Blues . EDM . Pop.


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